Week One


Life at City Project is off to a great start! This past week was our Orientation Week, and it was full of intensive training sessions, worship through music and prayer, and bonding with one another as brothers and sisters in Christ.


We learned about the Bible, Prayer, and Evangelism, and we were given logistics for the summer. We all participated in field day where we played an extreme version of capture the flag and grew in our abilities to work together as a team. We have also taken time to spend in God’s presence. My favorite was our three hour quiet time in Duke Gardens, where we could study, worship, pray, and appreciate God’s creation.


Last night we had our mapping ceremony, where we all put our pictures on the country we will be working in later this summer. It was amazing to see all the places God was sending us!


Tomorrow morning we leave for New York! Please pray that God prepares the hearts of the people of New York, and for the safety of our students and leaders! Also pray that God gives us the strength to witness to strangers, which can be a daunting task.

I will try to keep you all updated in the future. At the moment we don’t have internet in our apartment, but I hopefully will once I get back from NYC! As always thank you for your prayers and support!

3 thoughts on “Week One

  1. Praying for your daily renewed strength passion & joy as u boldly stand. As Col 3: tells us what to put off; what to put on; and then to LET THE GOD OF PEACE RULE in your heart. Rule in the Grk here is to LET God referee In the things that enter there. Much Love and prayers. Am thankful for u.


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  3. Pingback: 525,600 Minutes | Leaps of Faith

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