Sneak Peak of Kenya

It is hard to believe City Project is over! Soon I will be sharing a detailed post about my time in Kenya and a summary of my time at City Project!

Here is a short video to give you taste of my time in Kenya!

Thank you all so much for your prayers this summer! Please continue to pray for the people that we shared the gospel with this summer and for the people we discipled. I also ask that you continue praying for the students who participated in City Project as they prepare to go back to their campuses and/or the workforce. Please pray we use what we learned this summer to spread the gospel this coming semester!

Stay tuned this week to hear more about my time in Kenya and some final thoughts on City Project!


Durham! Part 4

To commemorate my last day in the US, I have one more post about my time in Durham! It’s hard to believe that tomorrow I am heading out to Kenya! But before I talk more about that, let me update you on what’s been happing at City Project this week because God has been revealing a lot to me.

At the beginning of this week I asked God to wreck my week. I wanted Him to reveal my sin, teach me more about Himself, and mold me to be more like Him. Learning these things can be painful, but I wanted God to draw me closer to Himself before I left for Africa. So in this post you will learn more about how God used my suffering this week to reveal His truths.


Monday-RTB and Discipleship: 

Read the Bible 

This week at RTB we talked about 4 tips for Quiet Times before we read scripture using the OIA method (Observe, Interpret, Apply: read more in my other posts to learn about this method). 

  1. Meditate on Scripture-use the OIA method 
  2. Preach the Gospel to yourself- Remind yourself of Jesus’s sacrifice, and that your sins have been paid for on the cross. Read scripture to remind yourself of God’s love for you. (2 Corinthians 5:21)
  3. Submit Your Day to God-This is why quiet times are best done in the morning, so you can give your day to Christ and ask Him to use you throughout your day. (Galatians 4:20)

When we read the Bible on Monday, our passage came from Ephesians 6.

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