Support Update!

Thank You Little Brasstown Baptist Church and Pine Log Baptist Church !


I want to thank Little Brasstown Baptist Church (LBBC) and Pastor Aud Brown for giving me the opportunity to speak about Second City at church on March 5, 2017! Last year LBBC joined my support team by supporting me financially and through prayer as prepared to participated in City Project, and eight week discipleship program at the Summit Church. Members of LBBC contributed half of my total support for City Project and showered me with encouragement and prayer throughout the summer! This showed me the power and importance of the whole body of Christ! God uses all of us for His mission of reaching the nations!

On March 5, 2017 I returned to LBBC to share about my latest mission endeavor, Second City, an eight week missional experience through the Summit Church . At Sunday’s service, LBBC donated enough to meet my first support deadline on March 12th! My next support deadline is April 9th. I also felt so much love from the people at LBBC whether it was the opportunity to share, an abundance of hugs and encouraging words, or even anonymous cards slipped into the love offering (like the one below). Thank you for the sacrifices you made to send me to the nations this summer! I am excited to have such an amazing team backing me up as I share the gospel in South Asia!











I want to thank Pine Log Baptist Church and Pastor Kevin Miller and his wife, Becky Miller for allowing me to speak at their church!  On Wednesday, March 8, I spoke to the Boys and Girls for Christ (BG4C) at Pine Log Baptist Church! I shared with them about what I did last summer through City Project, and showed them a video about what we did in Kenya. Last year BG4C collected coins to help support City Project, and they will be doing this again to support me in Second City! Members of Pine Log Baptist Church have supported me through prayer and financially for both City Project and Second City! I am extremely grateful for this church, and how they have helped me grow throughout the years! When I was in elementary school I would attend Vacation Bible School (VBS) here, and in high school I was a VBS leader! Now I am able to share with the students about missions and encourage them to be missionaries in their schools and at home.

I feel so blessed to have these churches in my life! Your love and support is so meaningful to me! LBBC and Pinelog’s emphasis on the great commission is amazing, and I am so excited to have you all on my mission team! Keep checking my blog to hear more about support raising, and to follow my team as we live in South Asia for two months this summer. Feel free to contact me through my blog if you have any questions about Second City!

Thank you all who have supported me so far!

Prayer Requests

  • Pray that the students participating in the Go Now Initiative raise the support necessary to participate in missions. 
  • Pray that God opens doors to share the gospel during our time of support raising. 
  • Pray that God prepares the hearts of those in South Asia to be receptive of the gospel this summer. 
  • Pray for unity within my team as we prepare for this summer. 

With Love,

Alexis Chastain

If you would like to contribute to my mission trip please read my support letter here or donate at this link: The contribution is towards Alexis Chastain.


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