Support Raising Complete

Philippians 4:4

Rejoice in the Lord always; again I will say, rejoice!

As many of you know, today, April 9th was the support deadline for Second City. It’s hard to believe that less than two months ago, my team started the support raising process. I want to officially announce that my support raising is COMPLETE! I praise God for connecting me to an amazing support network that has been covering me with prayer and providing for my financial needs so that I can share the gospel in South Asia this summer! Thank you to all who given financial and prayer support! Your generosity is extremely appreciated!

Throughout my time support raising, God has revealed some of my sin, and has grown me to trust Him in my uncertainties. Raising $4300 in less than two months is a daunting task, and there were many times that I began to trust in my own abilities or began to doubt that God would provide. Time after time, God has proven me wrong. I may not be enough, but my God is almighty and powerful. I am learning not to limit what I believe God can do. God can do anything!

Psalm 147:5

Great is our Lord and mighty in power; his understanding has no limit.

Thank you again for all you support and prayers! And a shout out to New Martins Creek Baptist Church for supporting me again this year! Seeing so many churches from my home town support missions is encouraging!

If you would still like to support Second City, please contact me here, and I can connect you with ways to support other members of the South Asia team.

Prayer- Please be praying about these things. (1 John 5:14)

  1. Be praying that God unifies the South Asia team. (Ephesians 4:11-13; Psalm 133:1).
  2. Pray that God prepares the hearts of the people we speak to in South Asia. Pray that many will accept salvation! (Acts 26:18; Romans 10:1; Luke 19:10).
  3. Please pray that we are able to serve our international partners. (Philippians 2:1; Romans 12:1;  Mark 10:45).

Please be praying through these prayer points and scripture as we are nearing the start date for Second City!


2 thoughts on “Support Raising Complete

  1. Wonderful news as you prepare to share God’s love and wisdom in this world full of pain and suffering. I pray you and your team will be strengthened as you prepare to go.

    Hope we get to see you soon.

    Patty and Dennis


    • Wonderful news , Alexis ! God is good ! He never fails ! Can’t wait to hear all about your trip and what the Lord does through your Team . Love you !


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