Orientation Week


It’s hard to believe I’ve completed orientation week for Second City! With suitcase and backpack in tow, on May 23 my family made the six hour drive to Durham to drop me off for the summer. It was difficult saying goodbye, but it’s amazing how supportive they have been as I answer God’s call to go to the international mission field.

Throughout this week I have been attending training sessions and team meetings to prepare for the next two months. We have been given goals and vision for the purpose of this summer:

  1. Be with Jesus
  2. Love your team
  3. Serve the nations

These three goals will guide me this summer. My main goal is to be with Jesus everyday. It is important to remember my identity is in Christ, and my success comes from being with Him not how many people I share with or how many are saved. The next important thing is to love my team. God calls us to be united as the body of Christ, and Paul speaks of unity in the church and between all Christians throughout his letters. And lastly we need to serve the nations. Matthew 9:35-38 calls us to send laborers. The world is full of people who are needing Jesus, but there are not enough people who are going. All it takes is people who are willing to go, even if it is difficult. We will also serve the nations through encouraging and serving our field partners. We will be working with missionaries who have been in the field for many years now, and we want to shower them with love and encouragement while we are there. It is also important to remember the simplicity of missions: sharing the gospel with everyone.


It has been so much fun bonding with my team and spending time with the other Second City students. Many of these students participated in City Project with me last summer, so it has been awesome hanging out with them again. We have had a blast playing games, eating meals, jamming out to Wicked and Hamilton songs on the rides from Durham to Raleigh, and just getting to know each other through conversation (which has often ended up in a debate about chocolate cake and red velvet cake). I already love my team so much, and I am so blessed to spend the summer learning with them, encouraging them, and sharing the gospel with them.


Tomorrow my team of seven will be flying out to South Asia. We should have access to wifi while we are there, so  I will attempt to post once a week this summer. I will be sharing stories and photos about what we are doing and prayer requests of how you can specifically support us in prayer. Below you can see some more pictures from orientation week, and I will also list some prayer points below as well.

Prayer Requests

Please continue to pray for our team and the people in South Asia

  • Pray I am with Jesus everyday, and that I go to Him when I need comfort. 
  • Pray for safety while we travel and good health for my team. 
  • Pray my team is unified in Christ as we serve together this summer. 
  • Pray for our field partners. 
  • Pray that the people in South Asia come to Salvation through Christ Jesus who died for their sins and rose from the grave, defeating death, and paying the price for our sins.

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