South Asia- Week 1


After many hours of flying, we finally landed in South Asia last week! We hit the ground running with two days of orientation. During this time we learned about the people in our new community, and we practiced ways to share the gospel effectively.


After two days of training, our field partners put us on a bus to go to a youth camp. This youth camp was very different than what we think of in America. It was for students age 13-30. During our time there we had no A/C, we learned how to draw water from the well and take bucket showers, and we learned to adapt to the frequent power outages. The camp’s main purpose was to help Believers know God more, and to lead the lost campers to salvation. Our team helped lead the break out sessions. In these small groups we shared the gospel, answered questions, and prayed over the campers and other leaders. These four days at camp were difficult, but it was so sweet to see my team share about Jesus, and we also were able to build relationships within the camp.


It was refreshing to return to our air conditioned flat in the city after church on Sunday. This week, Monday-Friday, we are hosting a Vacation Bible School for kids in one of the red light districts. While these children come from difficult home situations, their joy is contagious. During our time there we sing songs of worship, color Bible story coloring sheets, learn lessons about Jesus, and play games. I have been helping lead the worship sessions, and the kids all love singing and dancing. It has been an honor teaching them about Jesus through music. On Tuesday the power went out in the upper room where we meet (we are getting used to going without power), and the heat was so intense we had to walk the children to a park. Imagine herding 30 small children through heavy traffic and busy streets for a ten minute walk to a park. When we got to the park, the kids were so excited to play! Some of the boys played cricket, and many of the kids played on the playground. The park closed in the hottest part of the day, so we once again made the trek back, while herding all of the kids through traffic. When we got back we did a lesson with the kids before we helped serve them lunch. It has been so eye opening working with these children. We get to show them love and teach them about Jesus.IMG_0218

Today we went to visit several religious sights. The first place we went was a Hindu Temple. People wove through lines to bring offerings of fruit and flowers to a giant golden statue. It was so heart breaking to see these people seeking peace, and desperately bringing prayers and offerings to this false god. I kept praying as we made our way through the line for God to save these people. God broke my heart for these people and showed me how desperately they need Jesus, and God gave me the boldness to tell others about the life, death, and resurrection of Christ. In the Hindu temple, we were able to share the gospel with several people, and we were able to pray for some who were sitting near us.

After visiting the temple, we went to a Catholic church. This particular church was very much idolizing Mary and held her in a much higher position than Jesus. We spent time praying for the people inside the church, and we had the opportunity to share the gospel outside the building. As I shared with four people, more started to gather around to hear what was being said. It was amazing to see how many were willing to hear about Jesus.

Only 2% of people in this city claim to be Christian, and only about 0.5% of them are actual Believers. There are millions of lost people in this city, and they are searching for something to satisfy their souls. Please be praying for God to move in this city, so people can hear that Jesus came to earth to die in their place for their sins, and that He rose again three days later, conquering the grave. We want them to know that Jesus is the only way to find peace and Salvation, and that He is the One, True God. Please also be praying that the Believers in this city share their faith. It’s through them that this city can be reached. We will only be here for a short time, and we cannot speak with everyone due to language barriers, but the nationals can share the gospel to people we cannot reach.

Prayer Requests

  • Pray for God to save the people in South Asia.
  • Please pray for the Believers in this city to be bold in sharing their faith with others.
  • Pray for my team to be with Jesus daily, and to look to Him for joy.

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One thought on “South Asia- Week 1

  1. May the Lord continue to bless you and the Team as you all go forth to reach people and tell them about Jesus ! We are praying many will come to know Him through your witnessing . We love you !


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