South Asia- Week 2


As I reflect on the past week, it amazes me that we are finishing up week two in South Asia. On one hand these two weeks have flown by, but on the other hand it feels like we have lived here for months. In my last post I shared a little bit about what was going on this week. I told you about the VBS and visiting different religious sites, so this post will fill in the rest of what you missed on week two.

Thursday morning we made our hour rickshaw ride across the city to host our Vacation Bible School for the kids in the slums. This was my day to teach the lesson, so I taught about how Jesus fed the 5000 men and 5000 women and children with only 2 fish and 5 small loaves of bread that a chid gave the disciples. I explained that when Jesus blessed the food and broke the bread, there was enough to feed everyone until they were satisfied, and there were 12 baskets of left overs. This amazed the kids who had not heard this true story. I told then that just as how Jesus used the child’s fish and bread, that when you give your heart to Jesus, He can use you to reach thousands with the gospel. After the VBS, we stayed to eat with the adults. They fed us rice, spicy potatoes, and lentil soup.


After the meal we went to visit more religious sights. This time my group went to a Dargah (der-guh). A Dargah is a shrine built over the tomb of an Islamic religious figure. While this is supposed to be an Islamic holy place, there were also many Hindu people there. When we asked people what this place was, some said it was where Allah was buried, others said it was the tomb of a prophet, and some said it was the grave of a great teacher. When we asked people why they were there, most said they came to pray for blessings, but some did not know why they came. We had difficulty sharing the gospel in this place since many of the women did not speak English or would pretend that they did not so they could avoid speaking with us. We spent a lot of time just praying over the people there and asking God to save them.

Friday was our last day of VBS, and I had to leave a little early because I was not feeling well. I spent Friday evening and all of Saturday in our apartment sick. I am still not completely recovered, so prayers for healing would be greatly appreciated.

This morning I was well enough to go to church. We went to the church that is lead by the same people that invited us to their youth camp. They invited some of our team to participate in the service. My contribution was singing a song a praise. Kaycee did an amazing job sharing her testimony of how she received Salvation through Christ, and Conor shared the message from John 3. It was incredible seeing the Holy Spirit speak through him as he preached the gospel. This was an awesome reminder of the powerful gifts God has bestowed on my teammates! I am truly blessed to be a part of this team!

This afternoon we went to share at some places around where we live. We got to share the gospel a couple times, and we even got invited to visit someone’s house tomorrow. Please be praying that meeting goes well, and that their whole family gets to hear the gospel.

Prayer Requests:

  • Please pray for healing since I have been sick.
  • Please pray for the people in South Asia to hear and understand the gospel.
  • Please pray for our follow up meetings this week to go well.
  • Please pray we are bold in sharing our faith.

One thought on “South Asia- Week 2

  1. Prayers for all the needs there , for people to receive Christ in their hearts and for you to get over the sickness you had . May the Lord continue to bless . We love you and you are in our thoughts and prayers , Love , MaMa and PaPa


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