South Asia- Week 5 & 6

Due to the sporadic nature of our wifi, this blog post will cover week 5 & 6 of my time in South Asia.

While there is no set schedule for while we are in South Asia, by week 5 we had a daily rhythm in place. Since people don’t typically go anywhere until later in the day, we spend our mornings at home reading the Bible, praying, and journaling. After lunch, we go out sharing in different places around the city. We pray for people and find openings in conversation to share the gospel. By dinner time we either meet as a team or head out to follow up with nationals.

In this culture it is common for meetings to be changed last minute or canceled. This has made it difficult to follow up with some of the people who have shown interested in knowing more. Durning my time here I have only had one person follow up with me. 

We met her a couple weeks back at one of the local hangouts. She had a lot of questions about what we believe, and didn’t seem to be firmly rooted in any faith of her own. We exchanged numbers and planned to meet up. On the day we finally planned to meet, there was a protest going on near the coffee shop we had originally planned on going to. The traffic was also really bad due to the rain. Austin and I were prepared for her to cancel the meeting, but she messaged us that she was excited to join us for our Bible study. We made our way to the coffee shop to meet her, but there were no tables available. Long story short, after half an hour of trying to catch a rickshaw, we finally got to a Starbucks that was about a mile away.

The three of us read Ephesians 2 and discussed it as a group. We then walked through the gospel with her again. By the end of our meeting she was still interested in hearing more! 

We had another meeting with her this week, and she brought a friend with her. We all read about the trial, crucifixion, death, and resurrection of Jesus. After reading we discusssed what this meant. While her is not ready to accept this as truth yet, please be praying for her to accept the free gift of salvation! Pray that this is the beginning of her path to become a Believer. 

Last Sunday night we picked up the City Project team from the airport.  With a mixture of excitement and exhaustion, they followed us to meet the Ubers we ordered. We helped them get settled in their hotel before leaving.

Monday morning we went to City Project’s orientation. After lunch we took them to different places around the city to practice what they learned. It was really awesome seeing how eager they were to learn! They were a little timid at first, but once we modeled how to share, they were ready to jump in! After taking the City Project team home, we met our field partners at another team’s orientation. This team was based out of Crosspoint Church in South Carolina. We took them out to share, and then we took them to dinner.  While we are not focused on the number of people we share with, we still keep track for paperwork purposes. On Monday we shared with 89 people total! This is amazing!!

On Saturday we had a camp reunion. We got together with the campers and staff from our first week in South Asia. We took this time to sing songs of worship, and listen to two speakers. One of the speakers was our leader, Conor. He explained what it means to be a disciple of Christ, and then taught how to share the gospel with others. We want nationals to to share their faith because God can use them to reach their city! 

There are 22 million people in this city, and approximately 110,000 (0.5%) are Believers. If all the believers in this city were to share with five people everyday, 550,000 people would hear the gospel everyday. Which means in 40 days 22 million people would hear the gospel. The harvest is plentiful in this city! People are searching for peace and searching for answers, but we need faithful laborers who are willing to do what it takes for this city to come to know the love of Christ!

Prayer Requests

  • Pray for Believers in this city to boldly share the gospel. 
  • Pray for the people we meet to come to know Jesus and accept Salvation through Him. 
  • Pray for our team to joyfully spend time reading the Bible and in prayer everyday. 
  • Pray for our field partners to find new ways to reach the city with the gospel. 
  • Pray to God praising Him for the work He is doing in South Asia. 

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