South Asia Week 7 & Resend Week


I have been dreading making this last post. I’ve procrastinated as long as I can, and here I sit in my living room, reflecting on my final days in South Asia. It is still so unreal that I am sitting at home on the sofa with my dog when a little over a week ago I was in Asia with my amazing team sharing the gospel.

Our last week in South Asia was wild. Sunday night we went to a training for national believers. This was a level one training where people came to learn the why and how of sharing the gospel in their city. People learned that we share the gospel because we are called to do this in Matthew 28:19-20. Then they learned ways they can share the gospel. After they learned how, they were each paired with an American believer to go out and share the gospel for an hour in the area near where we met. During this time about 65 people heard the gospel, and one came to accept salvation through Jesus Christ! This was amazing!

Matthew 28:19-20

Go therefore and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all that I have commanded you. And behold, I am with you always, to the end of the age.


On Monday we met with some of our field partners. While we originally planned on having brunch and prayer, it turned into a time discussing the importance of missions in South Asia. The country we were in has the largest concentration of unreached people groups in the world, and we learned that the fewest number of missionaries go to this area. The conversation we had about missions and how to go overseas opened doors. We learned about opportunities through the IMB (International Mission Board) and through seminary graduate programs. Please be praying that God gives me more clarity about what I should do post-graduation.

On Tuesday I went to the City Project apartments to do laundry since they had a washing machine. While we were all hanging out, one the of the CP girls was messaging a national she had been meeting with. During this conversation the national accept Jesus as her savior! This was amazing! Shortly after this we discovered that five of us had been separately praying for God to save one person that day. We all stopped everything to pray to God, thanking Him for what He was doing in this girl’s life, and for answering our prayers! We also took time to sing praises to God about how good He is. Within the span of a few days, we gained a brother and a sister in Christ! God was so sovereign in all of this!

On Thursday night all the teams gathered to worship. There were so many different teams in the city working in different ways to reach South Asians with the gospel. We learned that the millennial team (which our team was working with) had shared the gospel with 1300+ people over the last two months. That is crazy! Our team of seven shared with 676 people in two months! We spent time that night celebrating what God had been doing over the summer and praising Him for being a loving and amazing God.

On Friday we debriefed with our field partners. It was so awesome getting to know them and building friendships with them throughout the summer. We took some time to process our time in South Asia together. While I was excited I would be going home soon, I wished I could have stayed longer. God gave me a love for the people in South Asia, and I am praying God gives them a hunger to know who He is.


On Saturday we made the 15 hour flight back to America. During the next week we debriefed with our teams and talked about the next steps. We had sessions on discipleship and on processing the things we experienced overseas. We also took time to pray for our campuses, and the ministry we would return to in August. At the end of the week we had a banquet to celebrate our summer with friends and family. Then we were sent out into the world. No matter where you are, you are in the mission field, and I plan to live my life this way.


God has taught me so many awesome things this summer. I learned to depend on Him in everything because He is my strength, my joy, and my satisfaction. I learned I have to fight everyday to know God more, and through Him I can rejoice in my salvation. Jesus left the perfection of heaven to live the life of a servant and die the death I deserved. When He died on the cross for my disobedience and rose again three days later, I was given the opportunity to have a relationship with God and eternal life with Him in heaven. I am weak and sinful, but through the death of Jesus, God gives me His strength and His will to be righteous.

I really do miss being in South Asia, and I hope to return one day. Here is a video of my teammates and me that gives short summary of our time in South Asia. Check it out below!


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